"FIGURE IN RED"    pencil with ink and tea 11x16 inches

My art work focuses on the human figure in motion or in a static state. I manipulate the figure to appear to be moving through the work or to appear still, with the use of environmental cues. The figure in motion is for me a representation of emotional transition, the static figure represents a state of reflection. Along with emotion and reflection is the concept of memory as a subject with in my work. My brothers early death from Alzheimer’s is the impetus of memory as a subject.

Working from life or the appropriation of found images, the figure is an endless source of inspiration. The male figure is used nearly exclusively with in my work, for there is something in the musculature that is more evident. I enjoy attending dance performances and studying the shapes the dancers make and the space that is shared on stage. Even just the movement of people on the street is interesting to me.

My paintings are a combination of acrylic paint and a variety of media from pencil to conte’crayon. Similar materials are utilized in my mono prints and drawings. With in each modality 100% rag paper is my preferred working surface.